Lægerne Møller og Lassen is a medical practice run by general practitioners Mette Møller and Ina Lassen.

How to find us

The clinic is located at the Deaconess Foundation (Diakonissestiftelsen) at Frederiksberg:

Peter Bangs Vej 7A, level 4
2000 Frederiksberg
Phone number 32 22 33 02

The clinic is disabled-accessible.

Please enter at entrance 7A. You can either take the stairs to level 4 or use the elevator on your left hand when entering entrance 7A.

Please remember to bring your personal yellow health insurance card if you have an appointment at the clinic. Scan it on arrival and take a seat in the waiting room.

How to reach the clinic by phone

You can contact us either by phone or email.

The doctors will be at the phone Monday to Friday between 8.00 and 8.45 am to answer questions about urgent medical issues or if you need an appointment the same day. If you want to book a regular appointment or renew your prescriptions, please call the secretary Monday to Friday between 8.45 am and noon (break at 10.00 to 10.30 am).

If you have an urgent medical issue between noon and 4 pm, please call us at our regular phone number (32 22 33 02). The answering machine will either refer to our emergency phone number or to another doctor at Frederiksberg. Click here to find a list of colleagues in Frederiksberg

If you need urgent medical assistance with acute, life threatening illness or with injury, then call 112.

How to reach the clinic by email

If you want consultation by to email correspondance you can either log in at our webpage with your NemID or use the “Min Læge” app on your mobile device. Email consultations are not for urgent issues, since it may take us up to 5 working days to respond. Please call us if you have an urgent issue.

Video consultation

Video consultation also requires the “Min Læge” app. You need to book a consultation with the doctor in advance and log in at the app using NemID. Please log in 5 minutes before the consultation is scheduled and wait for us to start the online session.

If you need to call a doctor after 4 pm, in the weekend or during public holidays

Please call Region Hovedstadens Medical Helpline at phone number 1813 if you need urgent medical assistance between 4 pm and 8 am on working days, during the weekend or at public holidays.

Opening hours

  • Telephone hours
    • Doctors: 8.00 – 8.45 am
    • Secretary: 8.45 am – 12.00 am (break at 10.00 – 10.30 am)
  • Opening hours for planned consultations
    • Monday: 8 am – 3 pm
    • Tuesday: 8 am – 3 pm
    • Wednesday: 8 am – 5 pm
    • Thursday: 8 am – 3 pm
    • Friday: 8 am – 2 pm
    • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Closing days

The clinic is closed on the following days:

  • Easter (Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and 2nd day of Easter)
  • Great prayer day
  • Ascension day
  • 2nd Pentecost
  • Constitution Day (June 5th)
  • Christmas (December 24th, Christmas Day and Boxing Day)
  • New Years (December 31st and January 1st)

Please call 1813 if you need medical assistance. Dial 112 in case of life threatening situations.


Remember to use your parking disc if you are parking at the area of Diakonissestiftelsen. There is a 2-hour time limit. There is a limited number of parking spots in the area. If you are parking in the streets surrounding Diakonissestiftelsen, please find information about parking at the parking rule signs.